Finca Palo Alto

Hostal Finca Palo Alto, San Agustín, Colombia
Km 1, via Obando (Strait of Magdalena's River)
Cell Manager: +57 311 464 6859 (Norman Muñoz)
Cell Hostel: +57 320 898 2992 (Hersilia Guenis)
Cell Administrator: +57 314 315 7918 (Hersilia Guenis)
Cell Hostel: +57 320 9641421 (Sandra Ordoñez)

Hostal Finca Palo Alto
Main House
Tower and Kiosk

San Agustín, magical and sacred destination. UNESCO World Heritage (1995).

Colombia is the answer.

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Finca Palo Alto, San Agustín, Colombia

Finca Palo Alto is a tourist hostel located in San Agustín (Huila), the archaeological capital of Colombia.

The hostel consists of a completely furnished house with four bedrooms with private bathroom, a living room with a wood fireplace, and a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, the hostel has four independent cabins with private bathroom.

Among its attractions, the hostel has an observation tower (15m - 50ft), a kiosk for picnics, a camping area, with a restrooms area, private parking for several cars, and free wireless Internet. The exterior of the hostel is monitored by closed circuit TV.

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